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Duo Package
Your option of any two 30 minute treatments for $119 per person

Trio Package
Your option of any three 30 minute treatments for $139 per person

  • Thai Table Stretching

Evolved from ancient healing techniques, has gained a reputation as a no-no for sissies. Therapist will help your body to stretch – often using poses associated with yoga – so that muscles are energized and lengthened. Thai massage lovers rave about improved flexibility, circulation, and healing.     

  • Reflexology

By working the reflex points, the entire system reaps the benefits. It revitalizes and relaxes the whole body, while concentrating on areas that need special attention. The treatment is said to emanate from Pharaonic Egypt, and we know what magicians those ancient Egyptians were! 

  • Anti-Stress Upper Body Massage

It’s quick and efficient, and it’s a fave of jet-lagged travelers and folks who have spent too many hours in the office. It generally focuses on the neck, shoulders, and back, and it’s a balm or sore, achy, and tight muscles. 

  • Head Tension Scalp Massage

Both tension headaches and migraines have been effectively treated by massage therapy. Not only can massage help relieve headache pain, but it can also help to prevent headaches from occurring. 

  • Relaxing Infrared Sauna Body Wrap

Having an Infrared Sauna Body Wrap treatment before a massage prepares the body by creating an overall relaxing effect.  It loosens the muscle tissue so the therapist can do a more thorough and effective massage. Infrared therapy is proven to be effective because its “hot rays” exhibit analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic capabilities.

 * A 20% service charge will be added for each service you receive. Gratuities will be dispersed to the therapist who served you during your visit. Additional gratuities may be offered at your discretion. Please note that all massage services have a mandatory 7% NJ State Tax added.

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